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APSSI International Conference on Democracy Transformation

The wave of democracy has changed the most basic narrative of the concept of the nation state. The control of the centralized authority has collapsed after surviving in a long period of time. Authoritarian power has immediately been replaced by an idea in which it significantly improved the pattern of power relations that swings into a more democratic ways. The narrative of power is no longer present as a single form but it is present in plural form of controls. In the context of Indonesia, the wave of change that hit the entire archipelago within last two decades became a battlefield for ... selengkapnya

Asean Symposium of Sociology

Sociology as a modern discipline have developed only recently since the 19th century with thick European and North American societal, philosophical, and historical change. After the end of World War II, sociology came to Southeast Asia through, both local and foreign, scholars educated in the western hemisphere and through states’ endorsement for positivistic development studies. Such background calls for questions concerning the universalistic nature of sociology and its course within the indigenous categories. There are two fundamental issues in Southeast Asian sociology: ... selengkapnya

Konferensi Nasional Sosiologi V

Konferensi Nasional Sosiologi V yang akan diselenggarakan oleh APSSI bekerja sama dengan Jurusan Sosiologi Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik, Universitas Andalas pada tanggal 17– 19 Mei 2016,   akan    mengusung    tema “Gerakan Sosial dan Kebangkitan Bangsa”. Berkaitan dengan penyelenggaraan Konferensi Nasional Sosiologi V ini, kami mengundang dosen, guru, wartawan, penggiat NGO,aparaturpemerintah dan  mahasiswauntuk berpartisipasi dalam kegiatan konferensi dengan ... selengkapnya

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